Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mighty Tree

Killing time and slaying dragons!
The Mighty Tree

Rising from the forest floor
How proudly they have stood
I look upon majestic trees
And all I see is wood.
Going to the lumberyard
To buy a few board feet
I choose a wonderful mahogany
Straight-grained and oh, so sweet.
I sit a piece on my workbench
Turn it over in my hands
Think how many years its’ lived
Bring some justice with my plans
I bring it up to my nose
And inhale it’s earthy scent
Then reach out for my pencil
What shall it represent?
Chisel and knife standing ready
A gleam across the blades
I try to find some inspiration
Before the daylight fades
Then in the quiet of the night
My tools just seem to dance
Taking away what isn’t there
Having nothing left to chance
A glorious sunrise greets the day
My masterpiece sits before me
In celebration of the wood
I have carved a mighty tree.

Maura Macaluso

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