Friday, March 30, 2012

The Woodcarvers Palm Reading

Killing time and slaying dragons!

It was a mistake to have picked up that chisel
I was tired with a great lack of sleep
My favorite tool was jagged, nicked and dull
And about to get in trouble deep.
But with nothing else I’d rather do
Carving was what I had planned
Down in the mess of my small workshop
I took that tool in fated hand
Carving Rules: First thing, stay alert
And keep all tools safe from harm.
My first clue should have been the blood
Which was dripping down my arm
At first I thought that all was well
Though I struggled with every chip
And it’s funny how I knew it was coming
Before I even felt the damned tool slip.
Today’s carving would be delayed
I’d put the chisel through my palm
And looking down on the ghastly sight
I wondered why I was so calm
twitching to and fro with my pulse
The chisel danced, as if to mock me
To leave it in or pull it out
Became a question of some urgency
Now what would you do if you were me
With a chisel stuck in your hand
Call for help, perhaps seek first aid?
But You’d have to be me to understand.
Of course, I pulled it out you see
And I bandaged my hand up good
Then I sharpened up my tool
And went back to carving wood.
It’s some years later now, though scarred
My hand has healed quite fine
The best lessons are born of tragedy
I now have an extended lifeline.

Maura Macaluso

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